I've fallen in love with arts and adventure. I love to travel, photograph, write and create all types of visual arts. In the not-too-distant future, I will begin exploring the oceans as well. QuirkFrame Industries is about the art of living and sharing that love with others. Please feel Free to contact me by the link in the top-left corner.I'd love to hear from you!

Above: A beautiful swallowtail lights on a bright, pink blossom in the Memphis Botanic Gardens.

Right: View from our hotel in Pensacola, Florida overlooking the bay and a gorgeous sunset. It was the perfect birthday vacation!

QuirkFrame Industries

More photos of art and travels to come, we're just getting started. Stay connected!

‚Äč   Hello, my name is Elizabeth Ford and I crave creativity. My life has been changed by the grace of God and He's opened these amazing doors for me to live my passion. I've gone from feeling hopeless to completely liberated and restored. We don't always have choices in life but I hope in the grace that will make those choices count.

Visual Arts and Creative Services